How it Works

Our Goal

The Wit Initiative partners with businesses in and around the Tri-Cities in order to create new youth internship opportunities. As a non-profit organization, we help businesses easily and efficiently find and hire competent juniors and seniors for part-time positions. We support not only teens’ on-the-job skills, but also their career and educational development. This ensures that young people are on track to graduate from high school and are prepared for post-secondary education and real-world careers.

We hope our program will have a lasting impact within the community. Teens will gain valuable experiences and develop relationships with employers, leading them to career and educational growth while also allowing them the information to provide for themselves financially. Employers will enjoy motivated and enthusiastic teens as part of their staff. Managers and mentors will enjoy the morale boost of making a difference in the community. Schools will benefit from internships that promote connections between academic and career success.


How will we do it?

Significant barriers exist between young people in high school and the help they need in:

  • finding career information
  • developing personal and professional goals
  • finding jobs that provide career exploration

The Wit Initiative will strive to dissolve these obstacles by helping teens achieve their goals through exciting internships and rewarding jobs.

As a non-profit organization, we will help businesses hire motivated and capable teenagers for part-time positions with less difficulties.

As an educational service, we support teens' on-the-job skills and career and education development - ensuring they are on track to graduate from high school ready for real-world experiences.