Our Vision


The Wit Initiative equalizes the professional playing field for junior and senior high schoolers, helping to instill in them a desire to set goals for their future and providing them with the necessary opportunities to know they can accomplish their goals, with the means and relationships for achievement.


Through the Wit Initiative, all junior and senior high schoolers will have an opportunity to explore their career of interest and believe that their dreams are within reach.


We believe that all young people have great potential both currently and in the future. The strength of the Wit Initiative stems from our unique access in connecting the most important people in the teen employment challenge – students, parents, high schools, youth programs, employers – to achieve what one cannot achieve alone.

What We Do

The Wit Initiative connects innovative businesses with competent junior and senior high schoolers, in an effort to help move teens forward. We integrate hands on experience with paid internships to develop the experience and understanding that teenagers need to achieve their educational and career potentials. This allows employers to reach a diversified group of youth, increasing the community outreach of the business.